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Commonly Asked Questions


Q: What is the dress code?                                                                                                         
CLICK HERE to see your dress code policy.

Q: Why do I have to have my ID with me all the time?
A: You must have your ID for two main reasons. The first is safety. With four different schools on one campus we want to make sure that we can identify our students easily at all times. Also, you will need your ID for services like checking out books from the library, purchasing tickets for school events, using ASE electronics, etc.

Q: Will there be sports? Can anyone join?
A: Yes!!! Teams are formed with students from all four of the schools on the campus of Cesar E. Chavez Learning Academies, and include softball, baseball, track & field, girls’and boys’ volleyball, football, girls’ and boys’ basketball, girls’ and boys’ soccer, swimming, water polo, cheer, drill and wrestling.   Sports teams are open to all students at CCLA.

Q: Will I see my friends during lunch if they go to a different school at CCLA?
A: Due to the fact that our cafeteria is only equipped to serve students from two schools at a time, each school will have their lunch period at different times. There will be some overlap.  Seeing your friends will depend on what time their school has lunch.  The best thing to do is check our schedule with your friends’ schedule and see if your lunch times overlap.  Keep in mind that you will have other opportunities to see your friends on campus.

Q: What activities will I be able to participate in after school?
A: There are a variety of after school activities that will be open to all students at CCLA. Keep an eye out for opportunities you are interested in.

Q: Is there somewhere specific to drop off my student so I don’t get a ticket from school police?
A: There is a specific traffic flow map to follow. Please be sure to follow the traffic pattern to help keep all students safe and to avoid receiving a traffic ticket.  Be advised that Los Angeles School Police vehicles will be supervising the drop-off/pick-up procedures and traffic flow heavily the first few days to help establish the routine.

Q: What is the difference between advisory and strategic lab classes?
A: Advisory is designed to offer personalization, Character Counts! education, Habits of Mind education, and structured time to complete the 10th grade matriculation portfolio and/or senior project. Strategic lab classes are designed to provide students with intervention in math and/or English if needed, or enrichment opportunities depending on the needs and interest of the individual student.  Placement into these labs will be determined by assessments and teacher evaluation.

Q: How can I, as a parent, be involved?
A: There are numerous ways for parents to be involved with ASE. We need parents to be involved school governance committees and councils, such as ELAC, CEAC, SSC. Others of you may wish to share your talents, skills, resources and/or time with morning drop-off and pick-up, or supporting our school with clerical tasks when needed.  Volunteers who assist on a regular basis with students need to complete an application, get a TB test, and in some cases get fingerprinted (as per LAUSD BUL-4841.1). Please see the Volunteer Opportunities Section of our website at www.explorease.org for more information.

Q: What if my friend is at a different school at CCLA but wants to join ASE?
A: There will be an official protocol for switching schools after classes begin. Check with the ASE office for more details.

Q:  What procedures are in place in terms of student safety?
A: Two main procedures include the K-9 dog sniff, and Operation Wanda.  Periodically, L.A.U.S.D. School Police will bring their K-9 units on campus to search for contraband items and substances. Operation Wanda will be carried out regularly, and involves random searches of students and their belongings.  Metal detectors are used to scan their bodies, and a search will be made of backpacks, book bags, purses etc. Our resident school police officer, Officer Flores, will also aid in keeping students safe both on campus and in the immediate area.

Q: I have to take the bus to school but there are not any bus stops on Arroyo Ave. close to the school. Are there going to be more bus stops put in for us?
A: The San Fernando Trolley stops at CCLA in front of the teacher parking lot. 

Q: How can I ask questions and/or keep up with information ASE regularly?
A: There are several ways to get in touch with ASE.  We have a website, a Facebook page, Instagram, and of course, phone numbers.  These are: 


Email: [email protected] OR use the "Contact Us" form on the homepage

Facebook: The Academy of Scientific Exploration (ASE)      Instagram:@ExploreASE      
Phone: (818) 838-3926 ASE Office