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Code of Conduct


  1. I will be responsible and respectful and follow all school policies (Attendance, Dress Code, Discipline, etc) and procedures at all times.
  2. I will be responsible and arrive to school and class on time every day.
  3. I will be responsible and wear my dress code & lanyard, and be able to present my ID at all times.
  4. I will maintain integrity and honesty by not engaging in academic dishonesty, including plagiarism or cheating.
  5. I will be respectful and refrain from using profane, derogatory, or vulgar language.
  6. I will show respect for school property by not eating, drinking, chewing gum, or using electronic devices while in the building, unless instructed to do so by a supervising adult.
  7.  I will show respect to others and myself by not participating in excessive expressions of affection such as kissing, embracing, caressing, touching or fondling.
  8. I will be responsible citizen by not using, selling, or possessing narcotics, alcohol or any controlled substance which is strictly prohibited on school campus or at school sponsored events (including athletic and club events, etc.).
  9. I will be a responsible citizen and agree not to sell or purchase soda, chips, candy, etc. on school property if not part of school fundraising.
  10. I will respect school property by not vandalizing. This includes but is not limited to graffiti, littering, and defacing school property and is strictly prohibited.
  11. I will be respectful to staff, faculty, and additional school personnel.
  12. I will respect all students and faculty by refraining from excessive horseplay, roughhousing, or any disruptive behavior in the classroom or at school events.
  13. I will be responsible to seek assistance from school staff when resolving conflicts instead of assaulting any other students, staff members, faculty and additional school personnel.
  14. I will be responsible citizen by not possessing weapons (i.e., knives, pistols) as well as other items that are prohibited in the California Ed Code 48900.  I understand that if I violate California Ed Code 48900 I may be subjected to legal action and/or expulsion.

As a student of the Academy Of Scientific Exploration (ASE) I am expected to show integrity, exercise good judgment, and display courtesy to all personnel, fellow students, and guests on campus and at school functions at all times.

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The Good Choice

The Bad Choice

The Ugly Consequence(s)


Cell phones, ipods, earbuds, etc., are on silent or turned off and kept in a backpack at all times during class time unless otherwise directed by your teacher.

Looking at or using cell phones, ipods, earbuds, etc., during class time.

Immediate confiscation. Items will be returned at the end of class the following day.  Refusal to hand over the device will lead to Level 1 behavior consequences.  Repeat offenders will be subject to Tier 2 Intervention.


Using language that is appropriate.  This means that instead of using profanity you say things like “aww, pickles!”

Using profanity or derogatory terms towards others.  Offering unrelated TMI during class.

Warning given. Repeat offenders will be given ASE character standards.  Students will also be subject to Level 1 behavior consequences.



Eat the free cafeteria food or bring food from home. Support school fundraisers.

Sell or buy “illegal” food from other students on campus.

Immediate confiscation of all items.  Items will not be returned to students. Refusal to comply with teacher request will lead to Level 1 behavior consequences.



Wear your Spirit Apparel Proudly,  with your belly, cleavage, and rear-end are covered.  Your undergarments are hidden from view. You set the trends instead of following them.

Not wearing your Spirit Apparel. Having your belly, cleavage, and rear-end are showing.  You wear clothing that is associated with an off campus group or gang.

Students not in uniform will be subject to Level 1 behavior consequences. In addition, the student will be instructed to change clothing.  If student does not have access to a change of clothes, one will be provided.


You have a positive attitude and treat others the way you want to be treated.

You are mean, rude, and disrespectful.

Warning given. Repeat offenders will be given ASE character standards.  Offenders will be subjected to Level 1 or Level 2 behavior consequences depending on the severity of the behavior.

Work Habits

You do your own work and refrain from allowing others to copy it.

You copy from others or take credit for somebody else’s work.

You and whomever you copied from will receive Zero credit.  Students will be subject to Level 1 behavior consequences. This behavior may also lead to failing the class.



You realize that you are pretty/ handsome enough so you do not need to groom yourself during class. 

You are primping/grooming yourself, or others, during class.

Confiscation of grooming items. Items will not be returned to student. Refusal to hand over items will lead to Level 1 behavior consequences.


You consistently display good character and learn from your mistakes.

You do not accept responsibility and blame others when things go wrong.

Warning given. Repeated offenders will be given ASE character standards and be subject to Level 1 behavior consequences.

These consequences are based on the Discipline Policy.