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Dress Code Policy


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Dress Code Policy* 2019-20

In order to maintain an appropriate educational atmosphere and to ensure safety and security for students, ASE expects students to wear the appropriate attire* as voted on by our student and parent representatives of the Governing School Council.


Appropriate Tops/Shirts/Sweaters include:  

  • Collared Shirt (button-up or polo, any color, plaid ok) ASE T-shirt 

  •  T-­‐Shirt

  • Any other shirt that is NOT the following: NO crop tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, low cut blouses, undershirts, muscle shirts, camisoles, anything see-­‐through, strapless shirts, or backless shirts

  • If the shirt/sweater has graphics, the graphics may NOT contain foul language or symbols that depict violence, sex, drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, tobacco, vandalism, or gang related emblems or paraphernalia

Appropriate Bottoms/Pants include:

  • ALL bottoms/pants MUST be worn at waist level. Sagging bottoms are NOT allowed

  • May be jean material

    • Blue Jean Bottoms (pants, capri pants, shorts, or skirts, longer than mid thigh)

    • Khaki Colored Bottoms (pants, capri pants, shorts, or skirts, longer than mid thigh) 

    • Black Colored Bottoms (pants, capri pants, shorts, or skirts, longer than mid thigh) 

    • NO Leggings or Jeggings!

  • Primitive gear of any kind is NOT allowed due to the “P” logo.

  • Footwear is required at all times. Sport sandals, and flip-­‐flops are NOT allowed.

  • Clothing which allows underwear and/or midriff/stomach to be exposed is not allowed.

  • Pajamas, sleepwear, and slippers are not allowed EXCEPT for ASE-­‐sponsored “Pajama Day.” 

CCLA Campus: The following is a list of clothing items that ARE NOT allowed on the CCLA campus:

  1. Pro Team gear including hats, jerseys, shirts, etc. are NOT allowed and due to the nature of certain logos indicating an affiliation with rival groups or organizations, certain logos are restricted**. Some of the restricted logos include the Steelers, Pirates, Phillies, SF Giants, SF 49ers, Bluejays, and Houston Astros.   

  2. Sport sandals, and flip-­‐flops are NOT allowed.

  3. NO hats of any kind except CCLA approved hats or beanies.  Primitive hats are NOT allowed.

  4. All hats and hoods should be removed IN classrooms and building.

  5. NO hairnets, bandanas, or wave caps.  

  6. NO item or accessory with initials, graphic images, or inappropriate pictures or lettering (i.e., gang-related images or offensive references).

  7. NO item or accessory that could be used as a weapon or could pose a safety threat (including but not limited to: long waist chains, overly-­‐sized rings, spiked gauges, etc.).

All students’ clothing should be properly sized.  

  • Pants may have a relaxed fit, but may NOT be low riding.  NO baggy pants. Pants must fit at the waist, and shirttails must not extend below the hands. Underwear may not be exposed.  

  • Belts must be of a proper length and have their ends tucked within the belt or pant loops.  

  • Skirts or dresses should not be shorter than mid-­‐thigh.

*Violation of ASE or CCLA dress code policy will result in detention and students may be required to change immediately.  Students not wearing lanyards will also receive dress code violation detention(s). Accumulated detentions will result in the student being ineligible to participate in a variety of field trips and activities.

**Administration shall have the ultimate discretion in determining whether clothing or logos

are inappropriate or disruptive to the learning environment.