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Electronic Use Policy


It is the policy of the Los Angeles Unified to prohibit the use of cellular phones or any electronic mobile device by students on campus during normal school hours. Students are permitted to possess cellular phones, or other electronic mobile devices such as cameras, electronic games, radios, MP3 players, computing devices, tablets, etc. on campus, provided that any such device shall remain turned off and stored in a locker, backpack, purse, pocket, or other places where it is not visible during normal school hours. Students are permitted to use cellular phones or other electronic mobile devices on campus, before and after school or during school activities that occur outside of school hours. For Los Angeles Unified, state and national assessments, students are prohibited access to any unauthorized electronic devices at any time during the entire testing session. Students must comply any time a request is made by school personnel to cease the use of a cellular telephone and/or other electronic mobile device even before or after school. Schools may adopt more stringent cellular phone policies through the School Site Council. Cell phone use on the school bus is for emergency purposes only; driver authorization is required. For more information, you may call Transportation Services at 800 522-8737. Los Angeles Unified is not responsible for lost or stolen cellular telephones or other electronic mobile devices.